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Getting Started with My Collection

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014 11:39AM EDT
In collections, you can add and remove cards from your collections, wantlist and tradelist as well as add categorize your cards into custom collections and add notes about your cards. 

By default, your 'collections' will be the categories that you collect (e.g. Baseball, Entertainment, etc). You entered this information when you created your account. You can update these categories at any time in your account settings.

You can also create custom collections which are sub-groupings of your collections that you control. Learn more about custom collections.

Searching for cards in collections
You can use the top menu to browse all cards in the Zistle Library. You can simply search for cards using keywords or you can filter the library results by year, team, set, subset and card attributes.

If you cannot find the card that you are looking for, it is possible that it is not yet in our library. Zistle members may submit new items to the library. Learn more about contributing to the Zistle Library.

Adding cards to your collection
You can easily add cards to your collection in gallery or list view. In gallery view, hover over the item and select the 'add card'. This will add 1 card of that type to your collection.

In list view, simply click the + or - buttons under the quantity column to indicate the number of cards you have in your collection. 

Bulk Editing Quantity
If you are adding a lot of cards to Zistle, we recommend using the bulk edit feature in list view. You can change the number of cards display to 100 and use the select all checkbox to select all cards in view. You can then select 'add to collection', 'remove from collection', 'add to wantlist', 'add to tradelist'. This makes it easy to make changes to your collection quickly without having to click on every individual card. 

Custom collections
You can create your own custom collections on Zistle to showcase your cards exactly the way you would like them. To create a custom collection, go to custom collections under collection in the top menu. You may create a manual collection where you add the cards individually or you may create a smart collection which will enable Zistle to automatically add cards to your collection based on the criteria that you set. 

To add an item to your custom collection, select the folder icon in list view. A modal window will display all of the available custom collections. You can add a card to multiple custom collections.

Adding cards to your tradelist
Once a card is in your collection, you my add it to your tradelist. To add a card to your tradelist, select the exchange icon in the trading column. When the icon is blue, this item has been added to your tradelist. 

You can also add the bulk edit feature to add cards to your tradelist or use smart tradelists which automatically add certain cards to your tradelist. Learn more about smart tradelists. 

Adding cards to your wantlist
If you don’t have a card and want it, you can add it to your wantlist by hovering over the card in gallery view and selecting ‘add to wantlist’. You may only have cards on your wantlist that are not in your collection. 

You can also add the bulk edit feature to add cards to your wantlist or use smart wantlists which automatically add certain cards to your wantlist. Learn more about smart wantlist.
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