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Updating Subset Attributes

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2013 03:54PM EDT

Often different subsets have various attributes that apply to the whole set. For example, a gold refractor may be a main set parallel and limited to 65 copies. Rather than having to add those attributes individually to each card, set experts can now add these attributes to the entire subset.

You can add the following information to any subset.
*limited to a specific number
*parallel information

You can add any combination of these attributes but all attributes will apply uniformly to the entire set. For example, if some cards are rookies and some cards are not, you cannot use the subset attribute. There is no way to override this information for certain cards.

To add these attributes, you must be a set expert-. Once your a set expert, go to the set expert panel for that particular subset. Select ‘add’ or ‘edit’ subset attributes. You’ll see a pop-up with the available options.

Once you select the attributes for that subset, Zistle will add the specified attribute to every card in the subset. For rookie, auto, relic and limited to information, it is easy to edit this information if you make a mistake. However, it is very important to be particularly careful about indicating a subset is a parallel of another subset because it will immediately clone all of the cards from the base set. This cannot be undone so it is important to make sure that the base set information is correct first.
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