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Set Experts

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2013 03:50PM EDT


A set expert is a Zistle member that ensures the accuracy of a given set in the Zistle Library. Set experts are responsible for ensuring that the checklists, set release dates, set descriptions, photos are correctly entered into the Library. 


Any member can become a set expert on Zistle. If you want to become a set expert, simply go to the set in the library and click the ‘volunteer to be a set expert’ in the green box on the upper right hand corner. Members are encouraged to volunteer to be set experts for sets that they collect or sets where they have extensive knowledge.


Once you’ve been approved as a set expert, you will have access to the set expert panel for that specific set which includes a checklist of needed information for the set as well as each individual subset.


You’ll be asked to add set details and validate that information is accurate and complete.
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